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Golden Globe Puppies.


Expecting New Teddy Bear Golden Doodle Puppies End Of December. .  Golden Globe Puppies  




Hello~ Welcome to Golden Globe Puppies! I fell in love with this breed while visiting my Mother a while back, and I have been blessed to have the ability to share this amazing breed with you. Goldendoodles are full of love and devotion; And, they make outstanding hypoallergenic family pets.  Im a small scale breeder, so all of my dogs are part of the family.   I breed only top of the line English Cream Golden Retrievers, to give you a true Teddy Bear Doodle. They will come to you happy, playful and well socialized.  They are vaccinated, appropriate to their age, and will come with a health guarantee . I live in the heart of the Tri-Cities- Blountville, TN.  Your search has lead you here, so take yours home today.

“In Times of Joy,
We all wished we
Possessed a tail we could wag”