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  1. This Guy really has the best looking Teddy Bear Doodles that i’ve seen anywhere, keep up the good work, we really Love our baby. Thank you so much.

  2. We bought a female black and white standard poodle from Tony on April 19. She is calm, friendly and super smart. She learned basic commands quite quickly and is a lovely dog. Tony accurately told us her personality and we are delighted with her.

  3. I’m in love with my doodle. Thanks Tony for such a sweet smart puppy… I could not be happier! Sorry for the million questions, but I appreciate you answering all all them! I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an awesome doodle!

  4. We bought our Goldendoodle, Chester, 9 days ago. We absolutely love him. He listens really well and is a big ole’ baby. We don’t have to put a leash on him when he goes outside. He stays in the yard running and playing and then comes back in when we tell him. We LOVE our baby doodle!!

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