7 Day Health Guarantee

Responsibiliy for the health of the puppy will be yours,

As the buyer of this puppy, you have a Seven Day Health Guarantee ,from date of purchas . And a One Year Genetic  Health Guarantee from date of birth.EXAMINATION !!!!! IS ESSENTIAL at the earlies possible time to make this a binding contract. Your Puppy Must be checked by a licensed VETERINARIAN , Not an Assistant. If your Veterinarian finds a life threating condition you must  return the puppy within seven days with written documentation stating what’s wrong with the puppy. If the puppy should die while in your care in the 7 day period, you must  have a  state Lab Test done  ( Autopsy to determine what the cause of death was )  By a Licensed State Lab ,  NOT YOUR VET , And exchange it for another puppy of equal value, If ones not available at that time, you must wait until ones available. No replacement will be given until the autopsy has been done to determine the cause of death.There will not be no refunds of money of  any kind, only exchanges.

Buyer excepts all financial responsibility and travel expenses for replacement puppies on land and air, make sure you understand that. We are not responsible for any Vet  bills of any kind . .This contract will be void if buyer fails to maintain annual check ups. 

Buyer agrees to accept responsibility for the health and well being of this puppy fot it’s life time. This includes FINANCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY  for any and all Veterinarian and medical bills of all kinds.

This puppy to the best of my knowledge is completely healthy and sound. As the breeder of this puppy I am not responsible for any nor all Vet bills after it leaves my home.


This agreement is fully integrated an represents the entire agreement of the parties :Any representations not expressed herein are of no effect; This Guarantee does not include kennel cough retained testicles , breeding ability, size or color, , also  does not include worms, ear mites , cocci or any parasites of any kind as they are all to common in dogs and  pups and are easy to  treat, and can be contracted  from your water and soil, even boarding facility. 

This Guarantee is void if this puppy is exsposed to any illnesses  caused by neglect , evidence of abuse , exposure to weather, injury , chocking or poisoning. Landlord despites , family despites, or any thing other then a life threating condition . 

This puppy has had their first set of shots and been wormed  frequently as needed for there age. This puppy is sold as a pet only 


Acceptance of this puppy constitues acceptance of this agreement .