Please read the following agreement. If you have any questions, please ask for clarification.

The *SELLER/BREEDER guarantees the puppy has received the appropriate shots and worming schedule for the puppy’s age. Although I have a rigid regiment for treating intestinal and external parasites, I do not guarantee against ANY intestinal or external parasites, such as ear mites… for these issues are easily treated and very common to puppies. Nor, do guarantee against ear infections as this is easily treated and common to this breed and two puppies in general.  I also do not guarantee against ANY cosmetic defects such as umbilical hernia’s, bite off, double dewclaws… etc..

A well examination must be performed by a certified Veterinarian within three working days of ownership, or the contract is null and void.  The breeder is not responsible for ANY cost that may occur during the examination. If your Veterinarian finds a SERIOUS life threatening health problem at the time of the examination then written documentation of the condition is presented from the examining veterinarian, and verified by SELLER’S veterinarian, BUYER will have the option to exchange the PUPPY for a healthy PUPPY of same color, sex, and quality, when available, with all travel/shipping charges paid at BUYER’S expense. If no replacement puppy is desired, then the breeder will accept the puppy back and refund the puppy less the deposit and transaction fees. The PUPPY and registration papers need to be returned within 14 days from the day of discovery (of initial vet check). 

If this PUPPY dies from a SUSPECTED congenital defect or an unexplained incident before its 1st birthday an autopsy must be performed at BUYER’S expense, cause of death verified by a licensed veterinarian with written documentation and will be confirmed by SELLER’S veterinarian before a replacement PUPPY will be provided. The registration papers must also be returned to the SELLER. The loss of a puppy is very difficult and heartbreaking time for any BUYER, but please have the presence of mind to have an autopsy completed. Although we realize that nothing can replace this beloved family member, with an autopsy confirming a genetic or congenital defect, we can help heal the hurt by giving then the buyer has forfeited all money paid another puppy of the same value.  No refunds are givenIf no replacement puppy is desired from an upcoming litter, then buyer has forfeited all money paid.   If no agreement can be worked out between seller and buyer, then the buyer agrees to handle all legal matters/court cases in Sullivan county, TN. The BREEDER DOES NOT ASSUME ANY LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR MEDICAL COST AFTER DELIVERY, OR PICK UP OF PUPPY, or landlord disputes. I recommend that BUYER takes this agreement and shot records to BUYER’S veterinarian. The information provided herein will assist BUYER’S veterinarian in setting the PUPPY up on his/her recommended schedule for heartworm treatment, flea program and remaining vaccine(s).

My puppies are intended to be sold as pets, I do not guarantee against size, color, cosmetic defects, breeding ability or show potential.